🎤 chau codes podcast

I'd been seeing a lot of Justin Chau around the internet and really liked the what he was sharing. It's rare to see developers producing content early in their career, but Justin knows what's up.

I noticed he was into some of the same things as me, like working out, gaming, and of course web development. So I took a long shot and sent him a video suggesting we do a podcast together to discuss my self-taught background and my latest project, MURPHY.

And what do you know, it worked! After only a few interactions on Twitter and Discord, he agreed to have me as a guest on his podcast.

He was a great host, and the conversation felt natural and free flowing. We covered my transition into web development, job hunting tips, the benefits of streaming, the reality of coding, and the rise in popularity of Next.js.

Even after an hour of talking, I felt like there was so much more we didn't have time to explore. So many thanks to Justin for having me on! Go checkout his podcast, Instagram, and YouTube. And maybe in the future he'll have me on again, or if I ever get my own podcast going, I'll have him on.