⌨️ i am a developer

First and foremost I consider myself a developer.

I love breaking down complex problems, understanding how things work, and building on simple concepts.

For example, when I began learning backend web development, I started from absolute scratch and coded a web server/REST API using only the NodeJS standard library. I built up on this idea until I had a basic modern server side web application. You can see the project iterations here:

  1. node-only-server
  2. node-express-server
  3. node-express-pug-server
  4. node-express-pug-mongo-server

Although these initial projects were a great learning experience, they lacked any real substance. I went on to create a weight tracking app and my wife's photography website. I'm currently working on a fitness application I call Build Greatness as well as this site.

not quite a designer

Don't get me wrong, I know CSS. It's not my technical skills that are holding me back. I tell myself, I just don't have the eye for it.

But I think that's a lame excuse. Really I just don't know how to approach learning design. With code it's easy, read the docs. With design, I believe it comes down to imitation and iteration.

Find designs that inspire you, understand why you like them, and take elements from them. Once you understand what you like, sketch something out, and make small, iterative changes on it to see how it evolves.

not quite a creator

For a short period of time I called myself a "creator" when I was releasing weekly vlogs and producing other content on my YouTube channel. Outside of that, I had a short lived blog (like three posts) reviewing Texas country music and concerts.

My biggest challenge is overcoming the need for perfection. While writing this, I've leaned over to my wife multiple times and asked her input on sentences, transitions etc. Being a creator is not about perfection, it's about expressing your unique voice, because ultimately that's what will make you stand out.

Much like design, the only way to find your voice is to keep writing, keep recording, and keep editing until it comes natural. That's when your voice will come through the most.

my home on the web

Suffice it to say, this site is my new home on the web. It'll go through many iterations and changes, and I'm sure I'll look back on this post and cringe one day, but it's all in the process of becoming a better developer, designer, and creator.