⏲ cron jobs with github actions

I was looking for a free way to repeatedly run some tasks, and I remembered that GitHub Actions now supports scheduled workflows. If you're not familiar with actions, check out the quickstart in the documentation.

In order to run a workflow on a schedule, modify the on property of an existing workflow. Add the schedule event, and then one or more cron definitions underneath it. It should look like the example below.

name: "⏲ scheduled workflow"

        # utc time zone
        # daily @ 8am cst
        - cron: "0 13 * * *"

More information about the cron syntax can be found in the schedule documentation. I recommend using crontab guru to help create schedules. It's important to note that GitHub Actions are based in the UTC time zone, so use this UTC Converter to get the correct time for your time zone.