👕 curly bois shirts

There was a particularly hysterical moment on a recent episode of Learn With Jason where Cassie Evans shared her nickname for parentheses with Jason Lengstorf.

Everyone in chat thought it was super funny, and so did the rest of the web development community. So I thought I would commemorate the moment by creating some tshirts.

This was my first time designing, marketing, and launching a tshirt, so there was a lot to learn. I did much of the design process live on stream, and vetted the concepts with Twitch chat and my Twitter followers. During the design process I got the idea to color the shirts like popular vscode themes.

Things got a little spicy here, and I received some great feedback from the creators and the community. After working with each of the creators, I finalized the lineup, sent a few coming soon tweets, and then went live on Cotton Bureau.

curly bois

It's been five days since launch and I've sold 23 shirts. Definitely less that what I was expecting given the large amount of engagement on the coming soon post. But I learned a lot through this whole process, and now I owe it to myself to create a bg codes theme for vscode!

If you purchased a shirt, thank you so much! Don't forget to share a photo on Twitter!