🤠 daily texas country

Ever since I first stepped into a dance hall I've loved Texas country music. I started building a playlist back in 2013 that now has over 1100 songs. I met tons of friends out at the shows and the bars, but I've always wanted a larger community around the music that shaped my life.

So I came up with Daily Texas Country, my very own home for Texas country music and lifestyle that I could share with the folks who understood. The site contains articles, videos, and playlists all created by me to share my thoughts and hopefully earn a buck later on down the line.

The site is statically generated, and sources the content from many different places. The blog is a collection of markdown files stored right in the repository. The Whiskey Wednesday episodes are hosted on the Daily Texas Country YouTube channel. And finally, the playlists live in Spotify.

I used a few different pieces of Jamstack and serverless technology to stitch the website together.

So if you happen to like Texas country music, or want to know more about the tech I used to create this side project, take a look!