😜 mocking gatsby

I recently started adding Jest tests to all of my Gatsby projects. Right off the bat I didn't know how to mock gatsby so that I could test components that performed graphql calls with useStaticQuery.

I went searching on the Gatsby site and found some documentation showing how to mock gatsby. The documentation suggested to use jest manual mocks, which call for a __mocks__ directory placed next to the module to be mocked. But I hated the thought of having an ugly __mocks__ directory at the root of my project.

So I kept digging until I found this example in the jest documentation. The example showed me that the jest.mock() function takes a second argument which can output any object used to mock the module!

The result is a fairly simple gatsby mock that I placed in my test setup file.

jest.mock("gatsby", () => {
    const React = require("react")
    const gatsby = jest.requireActual("gatsby")

    return {
        graphql: jest.fn(),
        Link: jest
                }) =>
                    React.createElement("a", {
                        href: to,
                        gatsby: "true",
        StaticQuery: jest.fn(),
        useStaticQuery: jest.fn(),

And don't forget to tell jest to run your setup file in jest.config.js.

const config = {
    // ...
    setupFilesAfterEnv: ["<rootDir>/src/test-utils/setup"],

module.exports = config

If you're looking for more context, you can check out the repository for this site where I implemented this mock. Do you test your Gastby sites? If so, share your testing tips with me on Twitter!