⏰ my atypical day

Lately folks like Chris Coyier, Dan Mall, and Dave Rupert have been sharing what their typical day looks like. I figured I'd do the same, although this is not my typical day. With the pandemic and my torn achilles, things are a bit different for me. But here it is nonethless.

6:45AM Wake up, brush my teeth, and wash my face.

7:00AM Do my physical therapy exercises while my wife gets the kids up. These exercises include stretching my leg and ankle, and then working on weight bearing.

7:30AM Do my best at wrangling the kids while my wife makes breakfast.

8:00AM Breakfast with the family. Five eggs and a cup of coffee every day.

8:30AM Post my daily goals on Twitter, then start work at Adobe. I have just enough time to clear my inbox, answer some Slack messages, and review the Jira board before morning standup. Then it's coding until lunch time.

12:00PM Lunch with the family. Beef, rice, and some veggies every day. Lunch is more relaxed than breakfast because my wife and I meal prep, so it's just a matter of microwaving some tupperware.

12:30PM Another session of physical therapy exercises, still focusing on stretching the leg and ankle, and then weight bearing.

1:00PM Back to work. More coding, maybe a meeting but usually not.

4:00PM Family time! We take the kids out in the yard to play when the weather is nice and try to tire them out. This is usually where I give my wife a break.

5:00PM More physical therapy exercises, again with the focus on stretching and weight bearing.

5:30PM Do my best at wrangling the kids while my wife makes dinner. The TV is usually on at this time, but their attention span is limited.

6:00PM Dinner with the family. Chicken, rice, and some veggies every day.

6:30PM Bath time, get the kids ready for bed.

7:00PM Put down our son. Our daughter gets to stay up another hour and watch a movie or do whatever mommy and daddy are doing. I do one final session of physical therapy exercises, this time focusing on banded resistance movements for ankle strength.

8:00PM Put down our daughter. Freedom! Usually I head back to the computer to work on side projects. This means coding, blogging, streaming, or recording. On nights where I just don't feel like being productive, I'll watch some tutorials or a TV show. On rare occasions I'll play a video game, lately it's been Tony Hawks' Pro Skater. At least once a week my wife and I eat a cheat meal and spend time together.

12:00AM Lights out.

Usually I work out from 7:00PM to 8:30PM and then start the rest of my night, but the achilles injury is putting a damper on that. Once things get back to normal maybe I'll write a post called my typical day.

I'd like to see what a typical day looks like for James Quick and Brian Morrison.