🍓 that's my jamstack podcast

A few months ago, myself and Bryan Robinson were both interviewing for a developer relations position at Sanity. After Bryan deservingly got the job, I asked him to chat about his interview process, and his past experiences in developer relations.

After our informal conversation, I saw that Bryan was looking for guests on the That's My Jamstack podcast, so I volunteered!


This was my first ever podcast, so I was a bit nervous. But That's My Jamstack episodes follow a formula, so I knew exactly what to expect. I even prepared notes and sent them to Bryan 🤣

The episode turned out great! We talked about my side project (MURPHY), cloud databases like FaunaDB, and how APIs play a crucial role in the Jamstack. I especially loved how Bryan allowed me to plug my Twitch channel and Discord server.

As I got to speak with Bryan more, I couldn't help but think about creating my own podcast. What do y'all think? Should I add it to the to do list?