🧭 now

November 23, 2020

The family is looking good! My mini cut wrapped up nicely right before I went to support two of my friends at their weddings. I was a groomsman in one and the best man in another.

Conference season has been in full effect. I attended Jamstack Conf, Smashing Conf, and Next.js Conf. The notes I took at Smashing Conf got me a free ticket, which I gave away on Twitter.

In development I had two major product milestones. MURPHY was released to the Google Play Store and sold a few copies! Daily Texas Country got an apparel store which also had a few sales!

I was invited onto three podcasts to discuss and promote my side projects. That's My Jamstack was my first ever podcast, Chau Codes turned out to be a wonderful unscripted discussion, and the Syntax Live episode was totally surreal!

After all of the podcast appearances I gained quite a few followers, so I set up a donation page that has yet to get any traction.

inspired by derek sivers and nownownow