Brad Garropy
604 Autumn Sage Way
Pflugerville, Texas 78660


Find a job where I can do more work in public, collaborate directly with other individuals or companies, and share what I create with the world.


The University of Texas at Austin
2010 | Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering



JavaScript (ES2020) React, Gatsby, Next.js, Node.js, TypeScript, Svelte, GraphQL, Express, Jest, Cypress
Python 2.7 Paramiko, Beautiful Soup, JUnit, Selenium
Others HTML5, CSS3, Tailwind CSS, PWA, Stripe, Bash, Groovy, JSON, Markdown, YAML, TOML, C


Version Control Git, SVN
Continuous Integration Jenkins, Travis CI, GitHub Actions
Cloud Amazon Web Services Lambda, Google Cloud Functions
Hosting Netlify, Heroku, Github Pages, Firebase
Databases MongoDB, MySQL, Firestore, FaunaDB
Infrastructure Puppet, Artifactory, vSphere
Monitoring New Relic, Pager Duty
Development Lifecycle JIRA, Rally, Code Collaborator
Design Figma

Employment History

Adobe | Frontend Developer
April 2019 - Present

Magento Premium Search

  • Lead frontend developer, joined just after proof of concept was started.
  • Made React storefront UI components to display results in the search bar and on the search results page.
  • Built a React admin UI for configuring search facets and results.
  • Created a Magento extension to load the storefront and admin UI.
  • Implemented testing and continuous integration and deployment for all projects.

Magento Product Recommendations

  • Lead frontend developer from start first proof of concept to release.
  • Created a Chrome extension to test initial feasibility.
  • Implemented a JavaScript SDK for the backend API.
  • Built a React admin UI for configuring recommendations.
  • Created shopper event tracking mechanism to track recommendations performance.
  • Made a Magento extension to load the admin UI.
  • Implemented testing and continuous integration and deployment for all projects.
  • Direct communication with customers to help with onboarding and bugs during early access program.


  • Lead the Adobe Frontend Guild.

    • Organize speakers and topics.
    • Give talks myself.
  • Mentor two junior developers on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Ran team meetings (standup, retrospectives, demos).
  • Pitched a Hackathon idea federating our GraphQL APIs.

    • Lead a team to implement the idea.
    • Idea was chosen as next proof of concept project!

Dell | Server Software Release Engineer (Build Verification Test Lead)
February 2014 - April 2019

Build Verification Test (BVT) Lead

  • Guided the firmware development organization on automated testing best practices.
  • Integrated testing into the continuous integration workflow.
  • Enforced buildly and nightly testing on all releases.
  • Led a team of five contractors to test more in depth issues.
  • Weekly interlocks on automated testing status with developers.
  • Managed the entire stack supporting development testing.

    • VMs and their configuration with Puppet and Artifactory.
    • MATF test framework.
    • Hardware systems, managed with GRM.
    • Jenkins jobs for continuous integration.

Modular Automated Test Framework (MATF)

  • Python test framework distributed used by the server firmware development teams.
  • Supported four products, over 300 developers, and over 50 product releases.
  • Developers contributed over 20,000 test cases.
  • Libraries for all supported platforms to update, restart, gather logs, etc.
  • Gave knowledge sharing talks on test case development and tool usage.
  • Tool enabled performance testing, code coverage, stress testing, unit testing, and security audits.

Generic Resource Manager (GRM)

  • Web application, Python CLI, and Python library to manage and reserve hardware.
  • React front end with Node and Express backend hooked up to MongoDB.
  • Exposed an authenticated REST API.
  • Authentication integrated with company LDAP, implemented with JSON Web Tokens.
  • Hooked into continuous integration process to reserve test hardware from MATF.
  • Tracks all requests, checkins, checkouts, and resources.

Continuous Integration Pipeline

  • Transitioned legacy Multijob process into a Jenkins scripted pipeline.
  • Defined pipeline stages for staging, build, test, merge, and release steps.
  • Leveraged a single pipeline across 18 releases by utilizing parameters.
  • New pipeline implementation deprecated 100 Jenkins jobs.

Topic Status

  • Web application to view status of code commits in the continuous integration process.
  • Scaled to twelve concurrent releases.
  • Code commit data pulled from MySQL database.
  • Styled with Bulma CSS framework.
  • Tracked Pending, Staging, and Completed status.
  • Links to each commit in each affected repository.
  • Completely searchable, with button to contact the author.

Dell | Chassis Management Controller Firmware Engineer
July 2010 - February 2014

CMC / Force 10 Switch Interface

  • XML based interface enabling communication between Dell CMC and Force 10 switches.
  • Co-author of the XML interface spec in collaboration with the Force 10 engineering team.
  • Implemented the CMC side of the interface.
  • Developed a test executable to run interface commands.

Talks & Appearances

11/11/2020 | with Scott Tolinski and Wes Bos
11/09/2020 | The Chau Codes Podcast with Justin Chau
10/06/2020 | That's My Jamstack with Bryan Robinson
08/14/2020 | Working on Side Projects with James Quick
06/24/2020 | Learning & Unlearning How To Code with Scott Spence & Marc Backes
06/13/2020 | Publishing NPM Packages with James Quick
04/23/2020 | Headless vs Embedded CMS with James Quick
09/05/2019 | React Context + Hooks: A Lightweight Redux Alternative
07/25/2019 | Gatsby + Netlify: The Free & Easy Way to Your Own Website

Personal Projects


🤠 daily texas country

  • Texas country music lifestyle website.
  • Sourced data from Spotify, YouTube, and an embedded CMS.
  • Email signup through ConvertKit.
  • Developed with Gatsby and React, hosted on Netlify.


  • Blog with embedded CMS.
  • Developed with Gatsby and React, hosted on Netlify.

⏱ murphy

  • Specialized CrossFit Murph timer.
  • Scales and saves workouts.
  • Built with Svelte, Tailwind CSS, FaunaDB, and Netlify.
  • Released on the Google Play Store.

🥪 adobe lunch

  • Lunch spot picker for my coworkers.
  • Detects user location via browser API.
  • Leverages FourSquare for restaurant information.
  • Tracks most and least popular restaurants with Airtable.
  • Built with Gatsby and React, hosted on Netlify.

🎥 bg codes twitch overlay

  • Gatsby website used as a Twitch overlay.
  • Supports solo and guest streaming.
  • Includes a countdown screen.
  • Stream data sourced through Firebase.

🏋🏼‍♂️ iron jimmy

  • E-commerce website for a small weightlifting business.
  • Shopify backend integrated using Gatsby plugins and the Shopify Storefront API.
  • Full cart and checkout experience.
  • Developed with Gatsby and React, hosted on Netlify.

📷 photogarropy

  • Website for a small photography business.
  • Front page image carousel. Contact form using Netlify Forms.
  • JAMstack style site developed with Gatsby and React, hosted on Netlify.

💳 amorty

  • Loan amortization calculator web application.
  • Developed with Gatsby and React, hosted on Netlify.

⏩ snap kitchen slider

  • Solution to a Snap Kitchen interview coding question.
  • Food selection slider with transitions and smart buttons.
  • Developed with Gatsby and React, hosted on Netlify.

Packages / Extensions / Bots

💡 hue-sdk

  • Philips Hue JavaScript SDK.
  • Written in TypeScript.
  • Powers functionality in my Twitch bot.
  • Over 250 downloads!

👨🏼‍🔬 labman

  • Command line tool for managing issue labels across GitHub repositories.
  • Built with JavaScript and Node.js.
  • Over 1,300 downloads!

🃏 business-card

  • Digital business card.
  • Run npx bradgarropy to see for yourself.
  • Interactive CLI to help users create their own business card.
  • Over 1,200 downloads!

⏳ use-countdown

  • React hook countdown timer.
  • Written in TypeScript.
  • Powers my Twitch starting soon page.
  • Over 400 downloads!

🤖 bg codes twitch bot

  • Twitch bot that responds to chat commands and offers redemptions.
  • Integrates with the Hue SDK to control lights.
  • Modifies the vscode theme based on chat commands.

🤠 daily texas country twitter bot

  • Twitter bot that tweets a random song from a playlist daily.
  • Leverages the Spotify API to retrieve the playlist, and the Twitter API to publish tweets.
  • Executed by a serverless function triggered by a Google Cloud Scheduler event.

🔎 gatsby-plugin-seo

  • SEO plugin for Gatsby.
  • Supports Facebook, Twitter, Open Graph, and meta tags.
  • Over 600 downloads!

💎 eslint-config

  • Shareable version of my eslint configuration.
  • Integrates accessibility, React, and React hooks plugins.
  • Over 400 downloads!

✂ bg-snippets

  • Visual Studio Code snippet library.
  • Includes JavaScript, TypeScript, serverless, Jest, React, Styled Components, Markdown, and Python snippets.
  • Over 500 downloads!