🥪 adobe lunch

You're sitting at your desk around 11:45AM when a coworker strolls by. He tells you that some of the team is going to lunch and asks if you want to join. Of course! Everyone is walking out the door when someone asks the dreaded question.

So what do ya'll want to eat?

That's where Adobe Lunch comes in! This "Tinder for restaurants" app randomly suggests places to eat within walking distance of the office. Based on the price, rating, and menu options you can reject suggestions until you find what you like. Once you accept, you're presented with walking directions to your restaurant of choice.

Adobe Lunch is the first side project that I really drove to the finish line. I took a Jamstack approach to building the site, so I chose technologies that I'm very comfortable with.

I focused on speed and simplicity for the first release to get user feedback as early as possible. This feedback will guide the project road map. I already have plenty of ideas of my own which I'll share in another post soon.

So please give Adobe Lunch a try and let me know what you think! I'm eagerly awaiting any issues or pull requests!