🏆 goals for 2023

After a very successful 2022, I'm kicking off the new year with another set of goals. Last year I disconnected for about four months in the summer. To avoid that this year, I'm scaling back some of my goals and focusing more on enjoying the process.

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 marriage

My wife and I are starting off the year by reading two marriage books together. We normally don't read any of the same things, so we thought it would spark a lot of conversation to read books about marriage.

We also want to try new things on our dates to make fun new memories together. From new restaurants like Suerte, to fun experiences like Electric Shuffle, we think trying something different together will bring us some excitement!

🤝 relationships

Life has gotten very busy since our children started school full time. But no matter how busy things get, I want to make sure I'm investing time those who are important to me. My sister, my friends, and my brother in laws come to mind first. My goal is to get together one on one with at least one person each month.

🏡 bradgarropy.com

Even though I migrated to Next.js last year, I want to rewrite my website again this year. I plan on using Remix and Tailwind for the rewrite. I've been obsessed with these tools lately because of their simplicity and levels of productivity I can achieve while using them.

With all the chaos happening on Twitter, it seems like personal blogs are making a comeback. Once I'm on the new stack, I'd like to add some features to help with discovery. I think supporting post tags and providing an RSS feed would help guide readers through my content.

💰 side income

Last year I more than tripled my goal for side income! As I stated in my 2022 in review post, I want to see that number continue to climb year over year. So this year I'm setting my side income goal at $5000. I plan on reaching this goal by generating income from multiple streams.

While some of these revenue sources are fairly reliable, others are sporadic, and some haven't even been created yet!

👨🏼‍💻 saas

I really dropped the ball on building a SaaS product last year. I felt like I was looking for ideas to make money, instead of building something I was passionate about. So my goal is to build and release at least one SaaS application in hopes to earn a little money.

This year I feel more comfortable in my tech stack, and I've got at least one idea that's interesting to me. So even if nobody uses the application besides myself, I'll still end up building something useful.

📺 youtube

I would really like to get monetized on YouTube this year. I've got the subscriber count, so I'm only lacking the watch hours. At this point, I'm at 2692/4000 watch hours. As long as I put out a few videos on some relevant topics, I think I should be able to reach this goal no problem now that I've got more than 1000 subscribers.

🦉 duolingo

I started Duolingo early last year and have become so much more comfortable speaking Spanish to my wife, kids, and in laws. I currently have a 348 day streak going, and my goal this year is to continue that streak throughout all of 2023.

📚 books and games

Finally, I want to feel like it's okay to take breaks from hustling on side projects. I've got a few books waiting to be read this year, and while I'm not setting a goal to get through all of them, I'd like to finish a few.

And I even want to feel like video games every now and then are okay. I finished a few last year, and I've got a couple I'm already looking forward to this year.

So hopefully my goals for this year keep me entertained, connected, and funded while not burning me out along the way. What are your goals for 2023? Share them on Twitter!