📂 headless vs. embedded cms livestream

I didn't know who James Quick was until I took the Fullstack React & Firebase tutorial on Level Up Tutorials. The course was great, and I wanted additional content so I found his Twitch channel.

He seemed like an approachable guy, and typically he only had a few people in his Twitch chat, so I jumped right into the conversation. Lucky for me his stream schedule fit perfectly with my work and family schedule, so I was hanging in the chat every time he went live.

After getting to know each other's areas of expertise, we found that we overlapped quite a bit in the Jamstack, SSG, and CMS space. And as it turns out, I recently migrated to an embedded CMS, and he migrated to a headless CMS. We thought it would make for an interesting stream, so we recorded our conversation about it.

I really appreciated the opportunity, and I had a blast being a guest on stream! It helped advance my public speaking skills, and helped to grow my own audience as well. I've been streaming myself, and getting more involved with the developer community on Twitch is a goal of mine. One day I'll have to have James as a guest on my stream to talk about authentication!

If you didn't know, James is working on a new course called React and Serverless - Fullstack Development. I'm about halfway through it right now and I can say it's very comprehensive, and he shows you every step along the way. Go check it out, it'll be available on May 27!