👨🏼‍🔬 labman

Nowadays I use GitHub quite a bit. I'm always making new repositories, improving my project management skills, and open sourcing more packages. One crucial part of my project management strategy is tracking work through issues and organizing them with labels.

But each time I start a new repository, I have to manually recreate my labels. Out of the box GitHub doesn't support copying labels, so I created labman.

labman is a CLI tool that clones issue labels from repository to repository. I made it executable with npx, so there is no overhead to get up and running. I also wanted to be crystal clear about the changes it makes to your labels, so I included some colored command line output. I made this all happen with the following technologies.

So if you spin up a lot of new projects, or just want consistent issue labels across your repositories, give labman a shot! I even created my own labels repository as a template for the labels I like.