🏆 goals for 2022

I spent the past year focusing on my foundations. In 2022 I'm ready to take on new larger projects with the aim of creating a real source of side income for myself. I've set the following goals to help me accomplish that.

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 marriage

As always, my marriage comes first. Without a successful marriage, I could not accomplish any of the other goals in this post.

My wife and I have started having monthly marriage checkups. It's a dedicated time for us to talk about how things are going in our relationship instead of just watching TV on the couch. These have proven very effective for us to stay in tune with how the other is feeling! We plan to continue these monthly conversations throughout 2022 to help us build the best marriage for both of us.

A second goal I have is to create new memorable moments for my wife and I. It was so easy to do without kids, but now we have to be more intentional about when and how we have fun together. So we locked down two different babysitters for nights that we want to go out, and for nights that we stay in I bought a ton of games for us to try.

I'm hoping that more interesting date nights and playing games together will lead to more fun and memorable moments together.

👨🏼‍💻 products

My biggest goal this year is to launch at least two SaaS products. That gives me at least six months a piece to ideate, design, build, and market two quality products that I can sell.

I'd like to build them completely in the open. That means using Twitter to generate ideas and market the product, YouTube to record progress and show demos, Twitch to involve the community during the build phase, and possibly create a podcast using my bg codes brand to share what I've learned.

This goal is a big first step towards a sustainable side hustle. I have a few ideas for what to build, but nothing is set in stone just yet.

📚 books

While I normally preach creation over consumption, I do think reading books is a very productive form of consumpion. I've been looking to improve on productivity, focus, and organization, so I picked up the following books.

My goal is to get through all of them in 2022. One book every other month seems totally doable!

🏡 bradgarropy.com

My mantra for 2021 was to solidify my foundation, and working on this website was a big part of that. I wanted to convert it to Next.js for a while, but after starting the effort three separate times, I never finished.

Right now, I have a branch where the conversion is about 80% complete, and my goal is to complete the transition to Next.js in early 2022.

📺 youtube

I produced a lot more YouTube videos last year than ever before, and I saw my subscriber count reach 600. In 2022 I want to continue producing videos and reach 1000 subscribers! Hopefully content about my SaaS products will bring more subscribers.

Additionally, I want my channel to become monetized. So I also need 4000 watch hours to go along with my subscriber count. It's a lofty goal, but based on last year's growth I think I can get there.

💰 side income

In order to create sustainable side income, I need to create as many different streams of income as possible. To that end, I want to reintroduce Amazon affiliate links into my content. The first time I tried I didn't have enough traffic to my website or YouTube channel to generate any revenue.

I want to meticulously track all these different streams of income, and my goal is to earn a total of $1000 in 2022 from side hustles.

Between the affiliate links, SaaS products, YouTube monetization, Twitch subscriptions, t-shirt sales, GitHub sponsors, and any other source of income I can create, I should be able to reach a new personal record this year.

✅ productivity

I won't be able to get any of my goals accomplished if I can't stay organized and maintain high productivity levels. I plan to completely revamp my productivity workflow using Notion, Google Tasks, and some custom integrations very early in 2022.

So stay tuned to see how I progress towards each one of these goals in 2022. Now I'd like to know what your goals are for the New Year! Share them with me on Twitter!